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Enjoy better health with Molecular Hydrogen-infused water - direct from your own faucet!
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Due to the current circumstances in the nation, we asked our financing partners to authorize special, never-before-offered financing to help get healthy, Tyent Water into as many homes as possible.

For a limited time only, we’ve negotiated TRIPLE Advantage Financing - 3 combined financing offers into 1 single promotion!

1) Low Monthly Payments!

2) 0% Interest “Same-As-Cash” up to 12 Month Financing for Qualified Applicants!

3) Payment Terms up to 120 Months Based on Approval!

If you are paying for bottled or other filtered water for your family, you should act now. Compare Tyent Water @ $0.06 per glass versus bottled water. Plus, only Tyent Water can provide the healthiest alkaline water with therapeutic levels of antioxidants and molecular hydrogen.

(won't impact your credit score)

Mother Father Son

See what financing offers you're pre-approved for INSTANTLY!

1 NO effect to your credit score

2 Easy and only requires some basic info

3 Quickly checks your eligibility for financing offers

Tyent Ionizers 1% Payment Option

Tyent USA partners with multiple financing partners to provide customers with the best rates and options available based on each individual customer's credit factors. Please note that financing fees, APR percentages, transaction fees, and interest rates may vary based on the individual's credit history and financing programs available. Tyent USA and it's financing partners will disclose any and all associated financing fees, APR percentages, transaction fees and interest rates as required by law before any order is processed. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to apply for financing with any of Tyent USA's financing partners.